Clinic Handouts

Here are two examples of Clinic Handouts. The first, is my handout from my Midwest Clinic presentation. The second, is my often requested Ten Practical Tambourine Techniques

MIdwest Clinic Handout.pdf

10 Practical Tambourine Techniques.pdf

Here are a few other clinics I regularly present:

  • Percussionist=Musician?

     -Ways to help percussionists become better musicians through melodic and motivic continuity, understanding form and harmonic function, as well as how to be expressive with such percussive idiomatic techniques as rolls, embellisments, and striking areas.

  • Chamber Percussion Ensemble Playing:How to improve cohesion, sound, and balance.

    -Ways to assist chamber musicians in communication, creating a proper sound palette for a composition, and how to balance within an ensemble setting.