"An excellent performance! Very expressive and sensitive to dynamics..."

-Christopher Adler, Composer


As an advocate for new music, here is a list of works I have premiered and/or commissioned. I hope you have the opportunity to listen to these works and read about the composers.

 Mais Peças" by Eric Willie. Published by Ox and Lamb Publications. October 2018.

 “77" by Rodney Waschka. Premiered in September 2018 at North Carolina State University's "ArtsNOW" Series.

 “Strive to be Happy" by Ivan Trevino. Will premiere in October 2016.

 “Trio for Violin, Viola, and Marimba" by Chris Farrell. Will premiere in February 2016.

 “Wood" by Matt Walker, for Violin and Marimba. 

"Flow" by Ivan Trevino, for Marimba Soloist and Percussion Trio. 

"Drum Music" by John Mackey, for Solo Percussion and Wind Ensemble.

"Edge" (ej) by Greg Danner, for Trombone and Vibraphone

"Conversations" by Doug Bristol, for Trombone and Timpani


 “180" by Michael Burritt, for Marimba Quartet

"Pines Long Slept in Sunshine" by Christopher Adler, for Percussion Ensemble

"Arcanical Plains" by Christopher Deane, for Percussion Ensemble

"Parallel Isometry" by Christopher Deane, for Percussion Ensemble

"Patterns" by Paul Lansky, for Percussion Ensemble

 “Impulse" by Anna Meadors, for Percussion Ensemble 

"Gravity" by Marc Mellits, for Percussion Ensemble

"Concerto for Saxophone and Percussion Ensemble" by Leroy Osmon

"4X4" by John Psathas, for Percussion Ensemble

"Compass Chrome" by D.J. Sparr, for Percussion Ensemble

 “Sparklefrog" by Adam Silverman, for Percussion Ensemble 

 “Color Coding" by Jason Treuting, for Percussion Ensemble 

"Moonrise" by Blake Tyson, for Percussion Ensemble

"Water" by Alejandro Vinao, for Percussion Ensemble (arrives fall 2013)

 “Crepuscular Rays" by Jamie Whitemarsh, for Percussion Ensemble

"Cloud Polyphonies" by James Wood, for Percussion Ensemble


"Five Ages" by Greg Danner, for Timpani Solo

"Palm Sunday" by Jason Baker, for Solo Snare Drum