Latest News:

  • TapSpace will publish "Some Things" for solo snare drum! You can find out more about the piece by clicking on the title or ordering the piece from TapSpace.

  • Meinl Cymbals has just released a set of educational videos I made. They discuss playing approaches for orchestral crash cymbals, suspended cymbals, as well as bass drum/cymbal combinations. Check them out on their Facebook page here.

  • The LegalWood Project will be recording Chris Farrell's new work for Violin, Viola, and Marimba in late February. We plan to tour with this piece next fall. Please check out our newly UPDATED web site here.

  • I had the great fortune of peforming John Mackey's "Drum Music" again. This was the first time since I premiered it in 2011. The performance is here. It was great to work with Dr. John Locke and record the piece. CD should be out late this spring.